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Public Policy

AB 1299


EPSDT Realignment

Continuum of Care Reform - AB 403

  • STRTP Orientation Powerpoint
  • STRTP Plan of Operation and Program Statement
  • STRTP Mental Health Program Approval
  • FFA Program Statement and Guide Template
  • Foster Family Agencies Interim Licensing Standards
  • Caseload Trends in Child Welfare Supervised FFAs Jan 1998 to April 2016
  • Caseload Trends in Probation Supervised Group Homes Jan 1998 to April 2016
  • Caseload Trends in Child Welfare Supervised Group Homes Jan 1998 to April 2016
  • AB 1997 - As Amended Aug. 19, 2016
  • San Bernardino County RFP for Foster Family Agency Mental Health Services
  • CWDA AB 403 Support in Concept Letter to Assembly Human Services, April 27, 2015
  • AB 403 (Stone) As Amended on April 21, 2015
  • California Alliance AB 403 Support Letter to Assembly Human Services Subcommittee 
  • CCR Legislature report
  • Coalition comments on report
  • CDSS response to Coalition comments
  • AB 403 (Stone) as introduced on 2-19-15
  • AB 403 Fact Sheet
  • AB 403 (Stone) as amended on 3-26-15
  • CDSS Letter to Counties on County-Operated Shelter proposal in CCR Recommendations

    Senate Committee on Human Services

  • Misuse of Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care: Improving Child Welfare Oversight and
       Outcomes Within Continuum of Care Reform

    Child Welfare Federal Finance Reform

  • Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016
  • NOSAC Support if Amended
  • CDSS Letter to House Ways and Means
  • California Alliance Letter to Congressional Representatives on the House Ways & Means Committee
  • Child Welfare Policy Brief: Are there Too Many Children in Foster Care? April 2016
  • Foster Care Caseloads and Federal Child Welfare Policy April 2016
  • CWLA Finance Reform Summary
  • CWLA Finance Reform
  • Lange Bill Language
  • Child Welfare Finance Reform Key Principles
  • When Child Welfare Works: A Working Paper
  • Proposed Continuum of Care Reform Concept Paper
  •  Consensus Statement on Group Care for Children


  •  Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services Waiver


    Medi-Cal-Specialty Mental Health Services for Children

  • DHCS Response to Letter from Young Minds Advocacy Project
  • Letter to DHCS from Young Minds Advocacy Project
  • Letter to DHCS Regarding Children's Crisis Services
  • DHCS “Medi-Cal News Flash: New Restriction on Antipsychotics for Beneficiaries Under 18 Years of Age” 
  • Performance Outcomes System Plan


    AB 3632 Transition - AB 114

  • California Alliance White Paper on AB 114 Residential Care Rates
  • CACFS Life After AB 3632 Slide Show
  • Transition of Educationally Related Mental Health Services Q & A
  • Guide to Identifying and Selecting High Quality Agencies

    Residentially-Based Services Reform


    Partnering for Permanency


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