The Children’s Services Foundation: The vehicle for advancing positive change


The Children’s Services Foundation is an agent of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services that leverages connections between research, policy and practice to inform and lead capacity building efforts among service providers across the state of California who work in the fields of child and family services. As the technical assistance and training vehicle of the Alliance, the Foundation maintains a team of skillful trainers who invest in building networks across the state to deepen cross-sector relationships, centering needs of community-based advocates and the people that they serve to guide supports in capacity building, local grassroots and community galvanizing.

The Children’s Services Foundation engages leaders and providers in the field and offers capacity building opportunities in civic engagement, leadership development, community engagement, practice improvement, community collaborations, and coalition building. Many of these services are open and available to the public.

For more information, please contact Deborah Son, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at [email protected].