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Committees and Groups

Program Committee Membership

The work of the Alliance is done by its Board of Directors and in its committees. An agency’s voice is only as strong as the involvement of its executives on the working committees of the Alliance. Each of the seven program areas represented by the Alliance has a committee that determines and monitors the policy agenda in that program area for the year: Adoption, Education, Family-based Services, Foster Family Agency, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, and Residential Care. Member agency executives declare the Program Committee(s) on which they wish to have their agencies represented. y  A member agency is entitled to have one member with one vote on each program committee corresponding to a program area in which the member agency has an active, accredited program. (Although each member agency is limited to one voting committee member, there is no limit on the number of agency personnel who may attend committee meetings.)y  Because the program committees are policy-making committees, membership is limited to CEOs or Executive Directors of member agencies and to their senior management staff who can speak for and act on behalf of the member agency in that program area.Member agency executives are strongly encouraged to assure that their agencies are represented on all relevant program committees.


To join a Committee, you must first be added as an Alliance Member Staff to your agency profile.  You will then be able to request access to all Alliance Committees; once approved you will receive emails, join the forum(s), and be included in discussions within the committee.   

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