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Member agencies provide a wide array of services and support annually for tens of thousands of children and their families throughout California. Services and programs offered by member agencies include:Adoptions. Community Treatment Facilities.Foster family-based care and treatment. Group home care. Mental health day treatment services.Intensive treatment foster care.Residential treatment. Special education, non-public school services. Wraparound services and support. Charter schools. Family preservation. Foster care emancipation and transitional housing. In-home intervention and support. Kinship care. Outpatient therapy and counseling. Psychiatric services and medication support.School-based services. Shared family care.Substance abuse treatment.Therapeutic behavioral services.Transitional services and housing.Vocational and job readiness for youth. Wraparound services and support.

The members of the California Alliance are a diverse group of organizations reflecting the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the people of California. Agencies are located throughout California, from San Diego to the Oregon border. Some agencies are more than 100 years old and began as orphanages founded by religious and other charitable organizations. Other agencies were established more recently and are still directed by their founders. Some agencies are very large and operate multiple programs in multiple sites, ranging from campus-based residential care to in-home family preservation services. Other agencies are more specialized, providing adoption services, for example or operating one or two specialized six-bed group homes in the community.

The members of the California Alliance recognize that member agencies must develop the capacity, within their own organizations or in collaboration with others, to ensure that a full range of services and support needed by vulnerable children and their families is available. Multi-agency collaborations and networks, offering a range of services to ensure the safety, stability, and permanency of children and families, are commonplace among member agencies.

The members of the California Alliance share a commitment to excellence and strive to improve the quality of care and services provided to at-risk children and families. This is demonstrated through member agencies' commitment to accreditation, outcomes measurement, and continuing education programs for practitioners in the field.

If you are interested in quality care, you will be interested in the Alliance.
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