California Alliance Steering Committee Members


Karen Alvord (Chair), CEO, Lilliput Families

Jacqueline Rutheiser, Alliance Staff

Carol Bishop, Statewide Adoption Policy Director, Kinship Center, a Member of Seneca Family Agencies

Cindy Stogel, Foster Care and Adoption Coordinator, Children's Bureau

Jen Crosetti, Permanency Program Director, Stanford Youth Solutions+Sierra Forever Families

Jill Jacobs, Executive Director, Family Builders

Jim VanderZwan, Executive Vice President & Adoptions Director, Kern Bridges Youth Homes

Laura Richardson, Compliance Manager, Koinonia Family Services




Steve Elson (Co-Chair), CEO, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Tom Alexander (Co-Chair), CEO, Fred Finch Youth Center

Adrienne Shilton, Alliance Staff

Eleanor Castillo-Sumi, Vice President, Research and Program Development, Uplift Family Services

Leticia Galyean, COO, Seneca Family of Agencies

Melek Totah, CFO, Edgewood Center for Children and Families

Mike Couchman, CFO, Maryvale

Moises Baron, CEO, San Diego Center for Children

Monica Hendrix, CEO, Gadda Hendrix Consulting

Stacey Roth, Executive Vice President and COO, Hillsides





Dan Petrie (Chair), Executive Director, Mountain Valley Child & Family Services

Danielle Mole, Alliance Staff

Dan Maydeck, CEO, Haynes Family of Programs

Jacklyn Torres, Deputy Regional Executive Director, Uplift Family Services

Ken Berrick (Chair), CEO, Seneca Family of Agencies

Mark Capritto, Director of Education/Principal, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Pam Hansen, Senior Director of Specialty Clinical Programs, San Diego Center for Children 

Steve Albrecht, Regional Administrator, LA County, Stars

Wendy Wang, Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services



Norma Duque (Board Rep.), President & CEO, Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children's Services

Sue Evans (Chair), COO, Walden Family Services

Jacqueline Rutheiser, Alliance Staff

Carol Ramirez, COO, Lilliput Families

Dana Nichols, Resource Family Services Manager, Family Care Network

David McCoy, Administrator, A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency

Diana Guerrero, Program Manager - Foster Care, Adoptions and ISFC, Victor Treatment Centers

Gordon Richardson, Vice President, Clinical Administration, Uplift Family Services

Jay Berlin, CEO, Alternative Family Services

Jeannie Imelio, COO, Aspiranet

Kate Napp, Program Director, FFA and STRTP, Redwood Community Services

Laura Heintz, CEO, Stanford Youth Solutions + Sierra Forever Families

Melinda Elson, Director, SA 3 (Community Mental Health Services, MAT, FFA/ISFC), Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

Shannon Pierce, COO, Children First FFA

Shelby Howard, Executive Director, Resource Family Programs, Seneca Family of Agencies

Victor Antonio, CEO, Victory Family Services



Scott McGuirk (Chair), CEO/CIO, South Coast Children's Society

Adrienne Shilton, Alliance Staff

Camille Schraeder, CEO, Redwood Community Services

Christine Graham, Vice President and Chief Clinical Services Officer, Stars

Eva Terrazas, Sr. Director Policy and Advocacy, Uplift Family Services

Jodie Langs, Policy Director, West Coast Children's Center

Kelsie Tatum, Director of Clinical Services, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Laura Heintz, CEO, Stanford Youth Solutions + Sierra Forever Families

Leticia Galyean, COO, Seneca Family of Agencies

Marika Collins, Public Policy Officer, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Roger Daniels, Senior Director, Fred Finch Youth Center

Sandra Portasio, Chief Program Officer, East Bay Agency for Children

Tamara Fleck-Myers, Executive Director, Casa de Amparo

Wendy Wang, Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services 




Ron Brown (Chair), President & CEO, Children’s Bureau

Danielle Mole, Alliance Staff

Jim Roberts, CEO/ Founder, Family Care Network

Josh Leonard, CEO, East Bay Agency for Children

Camille Schraeder, Program Development Director, Redwood

Mary Martone, Vice President, Intensive Community Based Services, Vista Del Mar

David Baker, CEO, Sacramento Children’s Home

Don Taylor, Executive Director, Bay Area Region, Uplift

Cher Ofstedahl, CEO, Trinity Youth Services

Tonya Bauhofer, Director of Juvenile Justice Intervention Services, Therapeutic Behavioral Services, School Based Services & Napa Community Based Family Services, Stanford Sierra

Tony Yadon, Executive Director, Parents by Choice

Wendy Wang, Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

David Channer, Chief Operating Officer, A Better Way 




Dretona Maddox (Chair Res. Care), CEO, Purposely Chosen, Inc.

Aubree Sweeney (Chair JJ), Executive Director, Rancho San Antonio

Stephanie Ivler, Alliance Staff

Amy Jaffe, Sr. Vice President, Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services

Bruce Wexler, Senior Director, Dual Diagnosis Services, Fred Finch Youth Center

Cheryl Rode, Vice President of Clinical Operations, San Diego Center for Children

Chris Burns, CEO, Boys Republic

Dan Maydeck, CEO, Haynes Family of Programs

Dana Centanni, Program Director, Rite of Passage

Joe Ford, Sr. Vice President, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

Lawrence Howell, Executive Director, Rite of Passage

Russell Rice, Executive Director, River Stones Residential Services Inc.

Steve Elson, CEO, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Susan Gambini, ED Emeritus, Courage to Change

Tony Weaver, Vice President of Housing Programs, St. Anne's

Wendi Counta, Executive Director, Progress Ranch, Inc.



Mary Denton (Chair), CEO, Side By Side

Stephanie Ivler, Alliance Staff

Charmaine Linley, Regional Transition Housing Director, Olive Crest

Cher Ofstedahl, COO/Incoming CEO, Trinity Youth Services

David Baker, CEO, Sacramento Children's Home

Dretona Maddox, Executive Director, Purposely Chosen/Born for Nia

Jane Schroeder, Policy Director, First Place for Youth

Lena Wilson, CEO, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services

Rebecca Hathorn, Program Director, Side By Side

Rylie Jones, Clinical Program Manager, Transitional Housing, Uplift Family Services

Samantha LaGrasse, Division Director, TAY Services, Aspiranet

Sue Evans, COO, Walden Family Services

Shahrukh Chishty, Senior Director of Social Services, Aldea, Inc.

Steve Duran, Executive Director, Peacock Acres, Inc.