About Us

Champion. Partner. Advocate.

Mission Statement: 

Promoting the health, well-being and safety of children, youth and families in California as a collective voice impacting policy and best practices to strengthen the systems that serve them.

Vision Statement:

 All children, youth and families thrive in loving, healthy, safe communities.

The California Allianceyep


The California Alliance of Child and Family Services is the unifying force in the charge to lead change and provide support for the state’s children, youth, and families.

For those dedicated to improving the lives of these at-risk populations, the California Alliance stands apart as the champion and leading voice for organizations that advocate for children and families, and for advancing policy and services on their behalf.

When you join the California Alliance, your organization’s voice is amplified and its mission is advanced. That’s because our expert staff and consultants advocate proactively to impact policy, legislation, and budgets. When our advocacy, expertise, and effectiveness are paired with your organization’s mission and services, children, youth, and families win.


The Catalyst Center

Catalyst Center

The Catalyst Center is a leading training and technical assistance organization representing the interests of child and family serving professionals in the state of California and beyond.

The Catalyst is committed to advancing evidence-based innovations that support diverse communities, and dedicated to research  and evaluation that promotes social justice in these fields. As one of the cornerstones of this work, our resource center prioritizes research, capacity building, and peer connection methods that elevate the voices and realities of historically marginalized communities and those that are most impacted by the work of community-based organizations.

The Full Circle Health Network


Full Circle Health Network (FCHN) is an integrated network of nonprofit, nationally accredited providers delivering coordinated, community-based services to vulnerable children, individuals and families across California.

The overarching mission of FCHN is to ensure that more Medi-Cal beneficiaries have timely access to high quality services that comprehensively address their whole-person and whole-family needs, including medical, behavioral and social care.

FCHN is readying our provider organizations to collectively deliver Enhanced Care Management (ECM) across California. In our inital 10 counties, we have 46 participating providers with capacity to serve 13,000 children and youth. We will expand into more counties, adding providers, ECM capacity, and services, such as Community Supports and non-specialty mental health. FCHN is a newly formed subsidiary (October 2022) of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, a statewide membership organization of 160 nationally accredited nonprofit community-based organizations.