About Us

Champion. Partner. Advocate

The California Alliance: The collective voice for organizations that serve children, youth and families

The California Alliance of Child and Family Services is the unifying force in the charge to lead change and provide support for the state’s children, youth and families.

For those dedicated to improving the lives of these at-risk populations, the California Alliance stands apart as the champion and leading voice for organizations that advocate for children and families, and for advancing policy and services on their behalves.

When you join the California Alliance, your organization’s voice is amplified and its mission is advanced. That’s because our expert staff and consultants advocate proactively to impact policy, legislation and budgets. When our advocacy, expertise and effectiveness are paired with your organization’s mission and services, children, youth and families win. 

The Children’s Services Foundation: The vehicle for advancing positive change

The Children’s Services Foundation is an agent of the California Alliance that leverages connections between research, policy and practice to inform and lead capacity building efforts among service providers across the state of California who work in the fields of child and family services. As the technical assistance and training vehicle of the Alliance, the Foundation maintains a team of skillful trainers who invest in building networks across the state to deepen cross-sector relationships, centering needs of community-based advocates and the people that they serve to guide supports in capacity building, local grassroots and community galvanizing. Click HERE for more information.

Passionate representative for California's vulnerable populations

More than 140 chief executives of organizations that serve California’s most vulnerable populations trust the California Alliance to provide legislative and regulatory advocacy to the governor and the Legislature, as well as a host of state departments including: Health and Human Services, Finance, Mental Health, Social Services, Education and Community Care Licensing.

Member agencies rely on the California Alliance to:      

  • Unite an engaged, expert network of California’s leading nonprofit child and family service agencies.
  • Provide trusted leadership to organizations that serve the state’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Deliver trustworthy resources, policy-area expertise, real-world experience and sought-after guidance.
  • Represent a collective voice in pursuing an aggressive agenda of advocacy to bring change.
  • Act as a galvanizing force in uniting public and private child and family serving agencies.
  • Fulfill a commitment to accreditation, high standards, best practices, successful client outcomes and top-quality continuing education.
  • Recognize innovation and excellence in service of children, youth and families.  

Member agencies rise to every occasion

California Alliance member agencies leverage their subject-matter expertise to support thousands of children and their families statewide.

Our member agencies are diverse in size, location, make up and length of service, yet they are singularly committed to improving the quality of care and services provided to California’s at-risk children and families.

California Alliance members have established multi-agency collaborations and networks to offer the services needed to provide safety, security and permanence for children and families.

Services and programs offered by California Alliance member agencies include: 

  • Adoptions
  • Foster family-based care and treatment
  • Residential care and services
  • Home and community-based behavioral health services
  • Intensive treatment foster care
  • School-based mental health services
  • Wraparound services and support
  • Charter schools
  • Family preservation
  • Transition age youth services and transitional housing
  • In-home intervention and support
  • Early childhood
  • Prevention services
  • Support for kin caregivers
  • Psychiatric services and medication support
  • Shared family care
  • Substance use disorder treatment
  • Therapeutic behavioral services
  • Vocational and job readiness for youth

Committees handle the heavy lifting

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. That’s why the heavy lifting at the California Alliance is handled by the board of directors in conjunction with a host of business and program committees made up of member agency executives and senior level management.

Key California Alliance committees include:

  • Adoption
  • Behavioral Health
  • Education
  • Foster Family Agency
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Residential Care
  • Transition Age Youth Services
  • Prevention
  • Practice Improvement
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Membership
  • Nominating 
  • Marketing

Each program area represented by the California Alliance has a committee that determines and monitors the legislative and regulatory agenda in the program area. Member agencies with active programs in California Alliance advocacy areas are allotted one voting member on the corresponding program committee. Committee chairs have a seat on the California Alliance Board of Directors.

Mission Statement: Promoting the health, well-being and safety of children, youth and families in California as a collective voice impacting policy and best practices to strengthen the systems that serve them.

Vision Statement: All children, youth and families thrive in loving, healthy, safe communities.