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Alliance Member Welcome Center


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Welcome and Introduction with CEO Chris Stoner-Mertz

New Member Orientation Videos

Operations with Kim Janoe

Membership with Corina Dubon

Behavioral Health Policy with Adrienne Shilton

Education and Prevention Services Policy with Dani Gabri

Child Welfare Policy with Jackie Rutheiser 

Residential and Transitional Age Youth, and Juvenile Justice Policy with Faith Pulido

Catalyst Center Overview with Cornelle Jenkins 

Catalyst Center Projects with Alex Volpe 


Frequently Asked Questions


1) My password reset is not working.  What should I do? Contact Corina Dubon at and she can either send you a password rest request, or he can manually reset it for you.

2) How to I get on Committee lists? Contact Corina Dubon at and you will be added

3) Can I add other staff to the database to receive the newsletter and add them to committee lists? Yes, you may add as many staff members as you'd like to the database or committee lists.

4) If I have a question but unsure who to contact, what should I do? Contact Corina Dubon at and she will direct you to the right person.

5) I have policy and/or technical assistance questions, who should I contact? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions here for your review. If your answer cannot be found here, please contact Corina Dubon for further support.