Members Awarded Additional Funding Through DHCS Grant Awards 

The California Alliance of Child and Family Services (CA Alliance) extends our congratulations to our distinguished members who have been selected as recipients of additional funding under the DHCS Mentored Internship Program.  DHCS has awarded an additional $33 million to 120 nonprofit provider and tribal organizations, extending the existing behavioral health workforce Mentored Internship Program to organizations that have successfully completed the first round of the program.   

The following 16 CA Alliance members have been awarded additional funding under Round 2 of the Mentored Internship Grant Program: 

  • Aldea 

  • Children’s Home of Stockton 

  • Community Solutions for Children, Families and Individuals 

  • Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County, Inc. 

  • Foothill Family Service 

  • Greater Hope Foundation for Children, Inc. 

  • Rebekah Children's Services 

  • Penny Lane Centers 

  • Redwood Community Services 

  • San Diego Center for Children 

  • Seneca Family of Agencies 

  • Stanford Youth Solutions 

  • Sycamores 

  • The Guidance Center 

  • Victor Community Support Services, Inc. 

  • WestCoast Childrens Clinic

Each entity is poised to receive up to $500,000, with a primary focus on resources aimed at bolstering the prevention, treatment, and recovery workforce to support Californians grappling with or at risk of developing an opioid use disorder. 

DHCS Director Michelle Baass enthusiastically expressed her support for the program in Governor Gavin Newsom’s press release, stating, “We are pleased to continue supporting these successful programs aimed at recruiting new workers into behavioral health settings. The professional development of diverse students through thoughtful, mentored internships will further assist with mitigating the crisis our state is facing by providing comprehensive training to future behavioral health professionals to serve California’s many diverse communities.” 

Christine Stoner-Mertz, CEO of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, shared her thoughts on the achievements: “We are immensely proud of our member organizations for their dedication and commitment to improving behavioral health services in California through workforce development. This grant from DHCS is a recognition of their tireless efforts, and we are honored to stand alongside them in making a positive impact on our communities.  We thank DHCS for their continued investment in this wonderful program.” 

The DHCS's investment in underserved and diverse communities across California is an integral part of a broader strategy to expand the state’s behavioral health workforce by providing practical on-the-job experience to students at various stages of their education. 

Since 2021, the State of California has invested more than $197 million through the Behavioral Health Workforce Development initiative, funding 288 organizations to recruit, mentor, and retain behavioral health professionals. 

For more information on all of the awardees, please visit the following website: Mentored Internship Program (MIP), Round 1 Organizations Continuing to Round 2 - BHWD (