Aravah Hoffman

My passion has always been helping Providers and Members within the Health Insurance Industry. I have tenure of over 15 years working with Anthem, Blue Cross. I have managed various departments such as, Provider Services, Medicare Part D, Stoploss, and Membership. I have always felt that, if you understand the needs of Members and Providers and address them favorably, you are now part of the solution within the health care industry! My best memories have been training and mentoring my previous staff, it was very rewarding and meaningful! I look forward now to new challenges and opportunities here at FCHN.

In my personal life, I am a BIG animal lover and have two dogs and one cat I am also a huge movie buff for all genres. My favorite weather is a cold rainy day with a hot cup of Vanilla Chai, watching a whole season of Sopranos back-to-back! To add, I also love a great documentary and of course, a great dog movie where the dog doesn’t get killed at the end! Lastly, I am a great baker and cook, ask me for any recipe!